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Tommy Fleming plays the Millennium Forum on Friday 28 January 2011. “Going Back” was recently released and after only one week of sale, the CD entered the album charts at Number 4 along with achieving the Number 1 position in the Indie Charts. The DVD is placed at Number 2. This achievement is no surprise [...]


After completely neglecting Derry Rocks since October 2010, with a New Year underway I’ve decided to give it the time it deserves in 2011. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to attempt to make. Derry Rocks a success. I originally got involved with Event Rocks when I started to manage Belfast Rocks in May [...]

The Meteor Awards have been cancelled for 2011. The Meteors are Ireland’s answer to the Mercury Music Prize. A quick glance at Twitter tells us many people are shocked that the Meteor Awards have been cancelled. That said, there’s a good percentage who believe it’s no great loss. Have a look yourself.

Lion at Drapart, Barcelona

An impressive art exhibition is currently running in Barcelona’s CCCB gallery (behind MACBA), it’s entitled DrapArt. What makes this special? It’s artwork created wholly from discarded pieces of trash, rubbish, junk and detrius found around the streets of our city. We recommend you get over there quickly before it comes to a close, this Sunday [...]

We’re really liking the sound of Mice Parade recently, and we’re thrilled to learn they’re playing in Sidecar Factory Club in Barcelona’s Placa Real on Monday October 25th. That’s a gig well worth catching. See you there!


We just had to write a short blog post about Yann Tiersen playing an upcoming gig in Madrid’s La Riviera. This, after all, is the guy who penned the soundtrack to Amelie, one of the sweetest pieces of music ever composed. Find out more about the gig here: http://www.madridrocks.com/proximos/20101116 And here’s a lovely photo!


The two-day Festa Al Cel (“Festival of the Sky”) was held in Barcelona over the past two days. Thousands of locals and visitors lined the beach watching a motley collection of jets, helicopters, parachutists, sea boats, bi-planes and large bodied planes performing for them. The festival was recently named the best air show in Spain, [...]

Roisin Moloney of Universal Music

For the third instalment of Industry Insiders we spoke to Roisin Moloney from Universal Music. In this interesting Q&A session, Roisin speaks about how she got involved with one of the world’s leading major labels and she gives advice to anyone looking to work in the music business. How did you first get involved in [...]

Brendan Benson plays extensive tour of Ireland

Brendan Benson is set to play a string of dates in Ireland in the coming weeks to promote his latest release My Old, Familiar Friend. Taking in three of the locations we cover: Belfast, Dublin and Derry, the tour also takes in Down, Dundalk, Cavan, Galway, Tipperary, Limerick, Kerry, Cork, Kilkenny, Offaly and Mullingar. The [...]

The first person to get in┬ácontact with Barcelona Rocks, sending us a 170x170px jpg, gif or animated gif, for something music- or event-related, will get a month of free advertising on the BarcelonaRocks.com website. We have close on a 1000 visitors a day, so that’s a lot of exposure. The available space is mid-way down [...]