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We just had to write a short blog post about Yann Tiersen playing an upcoming gig in Madrid’s La Riviera. This, after all, is the guy who penned the soundtrack to Amelie, one of the sweetest pieces of music ever composed. Find out more about the gig here: http://www.madridrocks.com/proximos/20101116 And here’s a lovely photo!


We’re very very pleased to welcome Manchester Rocks to the suite of Event Rocks websites! The site is being managed by TJ Shiels, who has previously managed Belfast Rocks and made it such a success. There are only three people, TJ included, working on our five websites, so it’s a hell of a lot of [...]


Primavera Club – (held in both Madrid and Barcelona) – translates as “Spring Club” – and is held, as you would expect, in the midst of winter. Normally a December event, they’ve pulled it forward a pair of weeks so that it’s now running at the arse-end of November: the 24th to 28th to be [...]

The first person to get in contact with Madrid Rocks, sending us a 170x170px jpg, gif or animated gif, for something music- or event-related, will get a month of free advertising on the MadridRocks.com website. The available space is mid-way down the right side of each page on the site. You should be able to see [...]

Event Rocks, the guys behind Belfast Rocks, Dublin Rocks, Madrid Rocks and Barcelona Rocks are looking for someone to help them keep an eye out for newly announced gigs and festivals, and to work with them on keeping the various sites up to date, looking pretty, and accurate. If you like music, go out with [...]

The date of reawakening seems to be Thursday, August 19th. Why do I say this? Well, anyone familiar with Spain will know that the city shuts-down for the month of August. The locals all head off to cooler destinations. Companies close en-masse and employees are forced to take their holidays during the first three weeks [...]