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Event Rocks | Sorted for E's and Whizz!

Event Rocks, the guys behind Belfast Rocks, Dublin Rocks, Madrid Rocks and Barcelona Rocks are looking for someone to help them keep an eye out for newly announced gigs and festivals, and to work with them on keeping the various sites up to date, looking pretty, and accurate. If you like music, go out with [...]


Shakira’s visit to Barcelona this week to shoot a new video was all fun and games for the first 24 hours. However, by the time she’d left the city she’d racked-up three fines for three separate infractions. 1. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet, which whilst tolerated in other parts of more rural Spain, isn’t [...]

The date of reawakening seems to be Thursday, August 19th. Why do I say this? Well, anyone familiar with Spain will know that the city shuts-down for the month of August. The locals all head off to cooler destinations. Companies close en-masse and employees are forced to take their holidays during the first three weeks [...]