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Welcome Back | Event Rocks
Welcome Back

After completely neglecting Derry Rocks since October 2010, with a New Year underway I’ve decided to give it the time it deserves in 2011.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to attempt to make. Derry Rocks a success.

I originally got involved with Event Rocks when I started to manage Belfast Rocks in May of last year and later I spent a short while working on launching Manchester Rocks.

I believe Derry Rocks will be an exciting task to take on in the run up to City of Culture 2013. There promised to be plenty to write about and to talk about.

If I can recommend anything to you in this ‘welcome…part two’ post it would be to pay a visit to Mason’s on Magazine Street this Sunday (16th Jan). Paddy Danagher (bass/vocals), Oisin Cannon (vocals/acoustic guitar), Mark O’Doherty (drums/percussion) are Thumpin’ Jellyfish. There are among the most talented musicians in the North West and promise to make that Monday morning hangover well worthwhile. That’s Mason’s on Magazine Street this Sunday night from 10pm.

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