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Derry Rocks supports UK City of Culture 2013 | Event Rocks
Derry Rocks supports UK City of Culture 2013

I woke up on Monday morning to the angering news that the City of Culture office in Derry had been
bombed by dissident republicans.

I had a sick feeling in my gut as I tried to understand why the mindless people behind the attack
would threaten the opportunities, the jobs, tourism, investment and the major events planned for
the run up to and during 2013.

When Derry was awarded UK City of Culture 2013 a lot of people were commenting on how certain
people in the population of the town would end up ruining this chance. It is an opportunity to show
that we can make the news for doing something constructive and beneficial. We don’t need this
minority group of people to drag us in to the past. I don’t want those cynical nay-sayers proved right

We 100% condemn any attack on the city of Derry, especially one that is an attack on our future
growth. Derry Rocks fully supports Derry City as UK City of Culture 2013 and we are behind
everyone who is working hard to make this a success.

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