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Electric Picnic 2011 | Event Rocks
Electric Picnic 2011

Update: Electric Picnic 2011 is happening! Running from September 2nd to September 4th 2011. Check out our preview of Electric Picnic 2011 for rumours and line-ups.

If another Electric Picnic were on this weekend, I’d be there, there’s little to compete with it on the island of Ireland. I’m experiencing withdrawal, and I’m missing the whole scene, the people, the music, the spectacle.

BUT, will another Electric Picnic take place? Will there be an EP#11? I doubt it, I think the organisers are tired, I don’t think they have the interest.

The 2010 edition of Electric Picnic was simply lacking in new thinking. Worse, corners were cut to keep costs down, and it was evident.

The Electric Picnic I attended this year for €250 was largely the same Electric Picnic I attended last year for €250. Yes, sure, the bands were mostly different, but that aside, they rolled-out 2009 all over again, some of it even had last years folds and creases on it!

The Salty Dog stage in the forest, same location, same stage, same name. The Comedy Tent, same name, same location, same tent, same MCs. All stages were in the same locations, named the same, had the same look and feel, and were as badly placed – from a sound perspective – as the year before. How imaginative is the name “Crawdaddy Stage”, considering the event is run by POD concerts?

The foody options, the spinning wheel, the village hall, the flying flags, the Spiegeltent, the circus, Arcadia and Nutronyx stages and locations, the backwards-steering bicycle, the sky lanterns (20 for £34 online!), the tokenistic art pieces, all there, again. Hot Press held interviews once more (this time they rolled-out a particularly large-breasted interviewer (you’ll know why I refer to this specifically if you saw it/them)). Leviathan (as much as I like it) was there, again. Poetry and Irish stages as small as last year, same location, same name, all corralled into the same half-circle piece of real estate as last year. Most criminal: the bloody artwork left and right of the main stage was the same as 2009, the dents, discoloration and folds were even visible.

The Body and Soul area was larger than we’d see previously – but since they had the gumption to go and set-up their own standalone event in Ballinlough Castle in June – they probably largely had the (good!) thinking done from earlier in the year.

It rained again of course, just like it did in 2009, but less badly. I blame organisers for that. September 3rd to 5th is simply too late in the year, with Ireland’s predictable weather patterns, to hold an outdoor music festival. Sunday night was an unmitigated washout. Did even 1000 people turn up to watch Massive Attack (who played Electric Picnic in 2006) and The National? They both played the big stage at about 10pm on Sunday night. At that point there was a storm battering the edges of the festival, the rain pissed down in sheets of unrelenting awfuldom, and no one in their right mind (read: anyone over 18 years of age) would venture over to that wide-open-expanse. The two biggest bands of the weekend went unseen by the masses. Come on guys – if you insist on keeping this date – go get yourselves a stonking big tent and stick these bands into it. What percentage of my ticket price was pissed away on two bands I wanted to see, but couldn’t? (Look 43 seconds into this video, you can actually see the back of the crowd from the lights cast from the stage, and at (again) 43 seconds into this video look first at the poor security guard wrapping-up, and then immediately after for the rain pouring down.)

Of course, as always, it was the typical Irish punter that made Electric Picnic what it was, as s/he does every year – the variety, the good-humour, the up-for-it attitude. Just check this guy out. HE is what makes it.

Come on Electric Picnic, keep the name, but let’s come-up with something more adventurous next time ’round – we need a rethink – the people deserve it!

4 Comments to “Electric Picnic 2011”

  1. Seamie says:

    I noticed that about the artwork beside the stage, that was really cutting corners. Hope it’s back next year, really enjoy it, but I sense you may be right.

  2. Philip says:

    In 2010 i worked down @ E.P on night shift and when i was working on them hours i always heard the crowd letting off 1 off the biggest roars in me life. As working at Planet Love in the north I’ve never seen nothing like the Picnic.
    Moral of it all is, I had the buzz of my life and I will be promoting it for the rest of my life and my experience with the picnic. All i can say is, anyone who has not had the same feeling, please go enjoy and like it like i did. Next year i’m buying tickets for me girl, friends and who ever as long as i can afford it =) please enjoy!

  3. Gav says:

    I like the way things are in the same place! Why the hell would u want to waste time looking 4 something when ur off ur head?? Just need a good line up and good weather!

  4. Richie says:

    check out Arcadia This year!! its gonna be one hell of a ride!!


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